Reason to recover #1: Brendan

My nephew is the closest to unconditional love that I will probably experience in this lifetime.

He loves and trusts me implicitly.

He gets excited about my ideas and I get excited by his. I took him to go indoor skydiving and he went along without knowing what we were doing ahead of time.

We have this routine that we do. I kiss him on the cheek and say, “more smoothes!” so that I can kiss him again and say it again until someone gets tired.

He is my God-son which is the perfect title, he is sometimes the voice of a higher power.

I want to be at his high school graduation.

I want to be there to meet his first girlfriend.

I want to see him start a family.

The only way that those things will happen is if I recover enough to be present.

If I can see Uncle Michael the way that he sees me…

…my world might change.








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