While I am going through this process, there are still things for which to be grateful:

  • Insurance covers most of the cost of me being here in treatment
  • On the drive here which took 8 hours, I talked to friends almost the whole way
  • Work is allowing me to be away
  • People love and support me: Irene, Emily, Joanne, Oliver, DeWayne Byronn…to just name a few.
  • Carrie is watching Jackson and Camille is watching Chewy which enables me to be away….and the dogs are having the time of their lives
  • Texts and calls from people all over
  • The people here are struggling, just like me. They instinctively understand my eating disorder and there is a camaraderie of sorts as a result
  • My blood pressure has come down since I’ve been here
  • I don’t even have to think about food
  • I get a little better every day
  • The staff is amazing, really supportive and willing to help
  • I’m learning how to treat myself well
  • There are cool messages of home all over this place, like the one in the pic
  • I’m starting to be gentle with myself and allow some space for just being ok
  • I have the strength to keep fighting
  • It’s hard being here and I want to be able to leave. At the same time, I know it’s the right time for me to be here.
  • I am abundantly blessed.
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