Reason to recover #2: Jackson

After my cat Merlin died, I really missed having a presence around the house. Merlin had been a great pet for 15 years, his death was a real blow.

While I loved Merlin, I was not fond of his litter box, so I started thinking about getting a dog. I was dating DeWayne at the time and he did more research into the kind of dog I should get than I did. A terrier seemed to be the best fit, personality-wise.

DeWayne would look online and send me links of dogs that might be a good fit. We finally settled on one rescue in Snellville, Little Nuggets Rescue. They had 3 terrier-mix pups for adoption, two girls and a boy. So we decided to go meet them.

When we got there, we were surprised by the number of dogs. Lynn asked us to go around to the back, where she was keeping the puppies. We played with them for a few minutes. Jackson was the runt, he was smaller than his sisters.

Lynn took us upstairs and we passed a room of Rottweilers that had chewed half of a door off. The house was filled with the cacophony of dogs barking, howling, growling. We met Jackson’s parents upstairs and then we left, telling her we would think about it.

DeWayne and I went back a couple of weeks later, after I decided I was ready to get a dog. We went down to the basement with Lynn again to make a final choice. I was set on getting one of Jackson’s sisters but DeWayne convinced me to get Jackson.

He said that Jackson was more energetic than his sisters: the oracle at Delphi.

Lynn did charge me an adoption fee but I had added on a little extra to my check because she had been so nice. When we were finished filling out the paperwork (I had to sign a contract to do several things for Jackson, including change his water every day and agree to return him if I ever decided not to keep him). I handed her the check. She broke down crying, thanking us for helping her and telling us how hard it is to run a rescue.

Screenshot at Jul 18 06-50-45.png

He’s a great dog today. He jumps for joy, literally, every time he knows its time to go for a walk. H burrows under the covers to go to sleep at night. He snuggles up close whenever he has the chance.

He’s been my companion for seven years. I’m so grateful he’s a part of my life.

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