Cranberry Sauce

I had to stay at a hotel last night.

I was concerned about turning on my air-conditioning because it had an issue and ended up flooding part of the lobby of my building. It was 80 degrees in my condo….so I needed another plan.

I decided to get dinner from one of my favorite places in Atlanta, Roasters Rotissierre. I was in the mood for turkey and they always have a good selection of vegetables. It’s simple food but good.

On the turkey plate they always include a small side of cranberry sauce. I have NEVER eaten it. Not because I don’t like cranberry sauce, I love it. Not because it’s on the side, who would care about that?

I have never eaten it because it contains sugar.

That’s it, that’s the ONLY reason.

I’ve denied myself something I really enjoy for years, simply because I have a very specific rule in my head about it.

And while I don’t intend to eat gallons of cranberry sauce, I am DONE living like a martyr to every diet I have ever tried.

I’m sick of hating myself because of what I eat.

I’m sick of examining every line of a label to make sure there isn’t some mention of something I am avoiding.

I’m sick of saying no to a dessert I love because fat people don’t eat dessert.

SICK! I am sick to death of it!

The trouble is that this is only one small rule I have followed for most of my adult life. There are hundreds more. Things I don’t bake at home, things I wont make because of some stupid ingredient, even when it’s only a tablespoonful in a big recipe.

At this point, I feel like I should make a public service announcement: this is what works for me. It may not work for you.

There are really only two things I ask myself now to determine what to eat:

  • What do I really want? What am I hungry for?
  • Do I really like this thing? Do I love it? Or is there a food rule telling me to eat/not eat it?

There is so much freedom in this model.

It may seem against logic for me to take this approach but it is working for me.

When I choose things I really love, I don’t eat as much of them and I am much better able to assess my hunger/fullness level. I never feel deprived.

The cycle of deprivation and restriction is what causes the binge cycle of craziness that embodied my eating habits not long ago.

I’m grateful to be here.

I’m glad to be eating cranberry sauce again.

It’s just food after all…

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