Nutrition Assignment: Dinner 8.17.18

This assignment was given to me by my nutritionist. This exercise is designed to help me be more mindful about the food I eat.

I ate a caesar salad and a baked potato with cheese.

Mind: I thought while eating about whether or not I was losing weight. I caught myself and redirected myself back to enjoying my food and being aware of what I was eating. I worry about my weight from time to time, mostly about how to lose weight and how to change the shape of my body.

Eyes: The salad and potato looked REALLY good. This is one of my favorite meals.

Nose: I used Tea Tree oil before dinner so had a hard time smelling anything else. When I got closer to it, the food smelled good.

Mouth: The salad was crisp, the parmesan soft and creamy, the dressing sharp and peppery. The potato was soft and hearty and the cheese tasted amazing on it.

Heart: This is a really simple meal but it always feels so good. I like eating it.

Stomach: I paused between the salad and the potato. I was aware that I was almost full and knew I wouldn’t finish the potato. I’m realizing that when I pause, I am usually closer to done than halfway.

Cells: I was pretty hungry before I started and had to remind myself to slow down eating the salad. I stopped before I got too full, about half of the potato.

The power of the pause is that it forces me to think for a moment about how full I am, or how close to full. I know that I tend to underestimate this normally and so I can use it as a way to be more aware of eating to fullness.

It was hard to eat with no distractions but I saw that it definitely has benefits.

I’m comfortably full now.

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