Live Blog: AC part 3

I had to email my manager to tell her I would be late to work today.

Her response to my email was, “OK.”

Doesn’t she know that response would drive me crazy? My issue, not hers.

The technician is here, it looks like there is an issue with the drain into which the water goes. He is going to try to blow the drain out.

I’m worried about talking to my property manager who has already hinted at making my insurance company pay for the damage from the last time. He is a less reasonable guy than the last manager and I’m concerned that this will become a much bigger thing than it is.

My mind is circling in the future and is not here in the present moment. While I need to plan, for example, I asked the tech to stay to talk to my property manager, I can’t live in the future. It drives me nuts. And when I get nuts, I go looking for old, simple solutions.

For now, I am going to stay here and deal with this, because I have to, I don’t have a lot of choice. I will stay in touch with my manager so she knows whats happening. I will go to work as soon as I can.

I’m doing what I know to do.

Stay here, stay present.

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