Live blog: AC part 4 (final update, hopefully)

After all of that, the technicians determined that there is a clog in the drain line between my unit and the unit below mine.

They still have work to do but this means that I didn’t do anything wrong (that I can currently see) and neither did Reliable Heating and Air.

What did I learn from the twists and turns?

  • There was never any reason to get angry or upset
  • All things work out as they are meant to
  • If I have done everything I can think of to clean up my side of the street, I can rest easy, even when the outcome is not positive overall
  • I don’t always have the exact answer to situations and that’s ok, I have to be comfortable with that
  • Writing is one of the best tools to deal with inner turmoil when I have it
  • So is talking to a friend

It’s been a tough 12 hours but I’m grateful to learn the lessons about my inner self and how it helps or hinders situations.

In this process, I have also:

  • Made a new friend of the tech from Reliable, who was awesome
  • Connected with him about sci-fi of all things, including Black Mirror
  • He also shared a business opportunity with me
  • Have a better relationship with the property manager

Despite my feelings, this situation had many benefits.

And I didn’t need any behaviors to get through it.

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