Reason to recover #3: Treatment friends

Energy is a funny thing.

The success of others inspires me to continue to work for my own recovery.

Leaving treatment, I’m immensely grateful for the love, support and encouragement from a number of people. In order to protect people’s privacy, I am going to use letters in place of names. I hope my friends can figure it all out.

C, you really made it more bearable being the only older guy there. It was hard being a small minority in treatment sometimes. Despite the difference in our ages, we managed to connect and be there for each other. Being roomies was great, I liked when we talked when we both got home. You were really there for me.

S, you were one of the first people I was able to connect with. We were sitting at HS snack and got into a conversation about consulting jobs. I was so glad to make a connection. I was sitting in res, thinking I was never going to get to know anyone. I was asking myself why I went to treatment and dreading the whole process. Making that connection helped me feel like I was in the right place…even though I stole your room. Improv was a blast!

Daisy, watching you emerge has been nothing short of amazing. I feel like when I first got there, I met this woman who was battling but weary. It was a miracle to watch you emerge and come alive. Your strength gives me hope.

S2, I will always remember your ability to tell it like it is. I envy the way you can cut to the heart of a situation and let the cards fall where they may. Your sense of humor was refreshing and often allowed difficult subjects to be discussed without fear of anyone getting hurt.

S3, at first I wasn’t sure that I would be able to get inside your perimeter but I think I did. I’m grateful that we were able to connect, that you listened when I spoke. I feel like I can reach out for support and you will be there to listen again.

I am missing a whole bunch of people, staff and peers.

You all are the reason I know what success means.

Thank you,

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