Nutrition assignment: 8.26.18

Guacamole and chips

I was assigned this exercise by my dietician because I was avoiding this snack due to fear.

Mind – this snack isn’t as satisfying as I remember. It’s good and I like it but I think it’s sexier in my mind than the reality. I was avoiding it because I was afraid to have chips in the house but Ive found that I don’t really care about the chips. They make a nice snack but I don’t want to go crazy. Remembered how much I like onion in guac and this doesn’t have any in it.

Eyes – The guac is fresh so it looks good. I can see the herbs in it.

Nose – I can smell the avocado when I bring a chip up to my mouth.

Mouth – The chips are crunchy and salty and the guacamole is smooth and creamy. It’s a good combo.

Heart – This is a snack that I want to have in the rotation of my snacks but it’s not ALL THAT. I’d date it but I wouldn’t marry it.

Stomach – I am full before I am through with the snack, I only really feel like eating about half of it. I’m not completely full but this is only a snack.

Cells – My body is doing well energy-wise so I don’t feel the need to go crazy with this snack.

Overall, this exercise raised my awareness of how much my head romanticizes food. When I think that it is the best thing ever, it usually turns out that it is…OK. I like it but my head has some weird notions of how amazing the food is going to be.

The result is that I enjoy it but don’t have to eat a ton of it, usually a small amount is enough to satisfy me.


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