Dr. McDreamy

No dentist should be this attractive.

I started going to this dentist when I lived in Norcross. His practice was in a strip mall that was near my house and I happened to need a dentist when I bought the house. I made an appointment.

When I got there, the waiting room was small but someone had put some effort into making it look homey. I sat down to fill out forms after I checked in…so far, exactly like every other experience in a doctor’s office. <Yawn> Are we done yet?

The dental assistant came and got me and seated me in an exam room. She did an exam and talked to me for a while. Then she told me the doctor would come and talk to me soon.

Before I get to that part, I should tell you that when I was growing up, my family went to two dentists. The first was about eighty years old. He used silver fillings. His breath smelled so bad that I tried to hold my breath any time he came anywhere close to me. He wasn’t overly kind but wasn’t  overly cruel either. The memory that is the most vivid  about him is that he discovered that my siblings had chicken pox and kicked us out after he told my mother.

The other dentist we used was a younger one but no more attractive. Looking back at him with adult eyes, he seems a little flamboyant to me. He also didn’t deal with my mother very honestly and I remember that there was some financial impact that we couldn’t afford.

So back in Norcross, I’m in the dentist chair, expecting a troll to walk in and talk to me about my teeth.

In walks this incredibly handsome man. There was this bright light behind his head, shining like a halo. He had a deep voice when he said, “Hello Michael, nice to meet you.” His hand swallowed mine when we shook hands. I sat there and tried to respond but the only thing that came out was, “uhhh, ummm, yeah, ummm.”

I had not been tongue-tied since I was a teenager.

He completed the exam and talked to me a bit more, then finished up.

I made sure to diligently schedule my next cleaning.

At some point, I lost my teenaged-girl-awe and he became a dentist and I become just another patient.


I was getting a crown and he and his assistant were working on getting it completed. It’s not a fun process but I got through it. All the pain was about to pay off. When he finished, he inspected the finished product.

“Michael, this crown looks really good. Would you mind if we took some photographs?”

Mind? Would I MIND?

“No, Dr. X, sure”

I was a tooth model.

They brought out a big, professional looking camera and shot several angles of my tooth.

When you’re in a dentist office and they show pictures of work they’ve completed, keep in mind….that could be ME.

I felt so special.

The only thing I wish I could change about the whole experience was one tiny thing in the waiting room.

He kept an album of his wedding pictures.

I dont mind his abberant lifestyle, I just wish he wouldnt flaunt it in my face.

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