Nutrition assignment: 9.4.18

I am working through an assignment from my dietician. I am eating guacamole and chips since it is a fear food.

Mind – I ready to have a snack but I am aware that I have built this snack up in my mind to be more than it really is.

Eyes – The chips look good.

Nose – I can smell avocado but there isn’t a lot of smell appeal.

Mouth – The chips are crunchy and I like them a lot. The guac is ok but not super appealing. I wouldn’t call this my favorite snack. The guac has started to feel a little oily in my mouth.

Heart – I like this snack but I’m not aware of a lot of emotion connected to it. It seems to have lost the “magic” it once had and I’m not sure if I will get it again for a while.

Stomach – My stomach isn’t empty but it also isn’t full. This snack should get me to lunch in a couple of hours.

Cells – I’m a little hungry but not terribly hungry. I’m also a bit tired right now.

I’m aware that this snack has lost it’s sexiness and appeal. I will probably have it in the future but not frequently. Also aware that having the salty chips enables me to have a diet soda or something sweet, like Crystal Light, which might be some of my motivation for having it. I just had water with them today and it look a LOT away from the experience.

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